providerThe Biblical Prophecies, gives us the meaning God as a provider. The Bible shows different accounts about how God works with different people. In some stories He is a Father, in others He is an almighty and powerful God. The accounts show how God works in our lives in different ways.

Provision was another great theme in the Book of Exodus. God provided for everything for the Israelites. Aside from the liberation that God ensured through Moses, He was with them when they were in the wilderness. It was in the wilderness where God proved Himself a Faithful Provider. The one that brought this message was his prophet Moses.  The role of Moses was to be the prophet of liberation and he brought with him the message that God was the Israelites’ provider. God used Moses to tell the world the message that God will liberate His people through the 10 plagues (Exodus 7-11).  God provided a way out for the Israelites by empowering Moses to separate the Red Sea (Exodus 14: 21-28). The Lord’s deliverance was viewed in a majestic manner in this book, as Moses said to the Israelites.

Have you been allowing God to provide for you and your family? Do you feel as though you are lacking in life? Let the prophet of God reveal your personal prophecy and finally get to know God as a provider for your life. Speak to a prophet today.

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